Ad Bites: StreetEasy’s Winning Formula


I stepped onto a B train this week, weary, hands frozen, thanks to the unseasonably cold weather. And this brought a smile to my face:


It’s StreetEasy’s #FindYourFormula campaign, taking over an entire subway car alongside ads from Seamless (an incredibly apt placement, I think). Although they’ve been around for a few weeks, it’s the first time I’ve taken a moment to notice them.

StreetEasy's new ad campaign
StreetEasy’s new social media and out-of-home ad campaign — painfully accurate.

The detailed drawings showcase the painful reality of apartment hunting in New York: the seemingly endless choices — endless compromises — we make to live in the best city in the world. With dry humor, they show how must choose to live. Want outdoor space in the West Village, plus a washer dryer? You’re gonna need four roommates. Ain’t it the truth.

From their website:
What was your NYC formula? Tell us your story or favorite ads using #FindYourFormula on social media. We want to hear from you!

As a social media campaign, they’ve found some success. Some of the responses on Twitter:

They’ve reached a lot of their target customers: New Yorkers without apartment brokers, which is most of us. We appreciate the chuckle they gave us during our commutes.

The problem with OOH, however, is that it’s hard to share. Translating the concept as funny gifs or animations, or even short videos, promoted on Twitter, Instagram, or any other social platform, would go a long way into turning paid media into earned media.

Overall, though, it seems like a relatively successful concept and execution. Has it translated to increased site traffic, more social media excitement, increased apartment postings/rentals/sales through their site? Inquiring minds want to know.


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